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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sexy Cosplay Kooh

Model: Lenfried
Character: Kooh
Game: Pangya

About the characters:
Kooh is a head of a young pirate who was stubborn and as captain of the famous ship, Lunar Tomb, he has traveled to many exotic places. She may be young, but he has a sense of control and power. Kooh was looking for his father missing since fighting with the King Demon.
Most people believe that Kooh's father went to King Demon voluntary, and crews are now believed that they were betrayed. That's when Kooh took over and led the people to the World Pangya and set up camp in Libera. This is the goal set before her father's terrifying battle with the Demon King.
Kooh looking for her father to find the truth, but the memory of his father will always be there in the cannon which was brought by Kooh.

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