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Monday, January 31, 2011

Streetfest '10 Cosplay

Ooow, it has been like super loooong since I last blogged ! I am getting all rusty, hopes my D90 didn't grow any mushrooms on it.

Now is finally my school holidays. FINALLY! WOOHOO! Okay, it's just one week but am still very happy about it! I am going to bring ALL my K-ON nenodroids out for a nice photoshoot picnic and okay, all the other figures I got from since April. Will write more about my new poly school life soon ! :D

This is Streetfest that is still taking place now at Plaza Singapura's open plaza. The Japanese pop-culture has ended though. There's still some cool punk street stuff going on though!

Durarara! I quite like this anime, it's just so supernatural even the title says so!

I think all the criminals will be very happy to get caught by these three very pretty police girls! :P

Any idea which character is this? Her cosplay is very nice! :D

I think this Kampfer right?

I was wearing a skirt so I cant perform any magnificent stunts so my photos are all kinda straight ^^; next time better wear shorts lol !

I love their dresses, chao kawaii~

Mozilla Firefox, dominating the world once again .

Railgun !

Any idea which character is this too? Her cosplay is very nice also! :D


Saikang Service!
Will look after your bag $1 for 30 mins .

HAHAHA, I was giggling when I asked her for a picture! LOL, she got a great business brain ! Kudos!

hahaha, Gintama is cool! But too bad, I don't like aliens.

This streetfest is actually a small cosplay event but it is very FUN ! There is quite a number of new cosplays and there is this very awesome performance but some J-pop bands! I like Overhit! :D
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