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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Angel Beats: Nakamura Yuri 04

angel beats! cosplay - nakamura yuri 04 by michan lim
When Yuri's parents stepped out of the house, a group of robbers broke in to steal whatever commodities they could. Failing to find anything of value, they turned to Yuri, as she was the eldest of the four children, and threatened to kill each of her siblings at 10 minute intervals if she does not cooperate with them.

It is still unknown how Yuri died, but she confessed to Otonashi Yuzuru that she was certain no one who commits suicide makes it into the afterlife.

Great cosplay by Michan Lim! Although she sent this to me together with Nichan’s cosplay of Shiina, I wanted to make sure that I don’t flood Cosplay Holic with Angel Beats! Thanks again to Michan for sharing this with us!

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